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Shangri-La is located in the “Great Triangle” area of Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet in the northwestern part of Yunnan Province. It is located in the heart of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It is a rare pure land that preserve the natural ecology and traditional culture. Just as described in Lost Horizon: A land of eternal, peace and tranquility. There are grasslands surrounded by snow-capped mountains, bright sunshine, fresh air, respectable living Buddhas, sacred and quiet lakes, splendid temples and friendly Kangba Tibetans.

Highlights of the trip

Professional team: Professional lines designed by the professional team

Routine refinement: The line is exquisite but not simple

Five-star service: Professional lecturers explain along the way

Intimate service: Professional customer service 24 hours intimate explanation

Optimized cars

There are through trains for 39 scenic spots and they’ll stop at the Tiger Leaping Gorge;
One-stop service for saving money and rest assured, flexible arrangement, return trip time of two-way round-trip car is valid for three days.
Comfortable and safe new bus, professional driver, dedicated service for safe driving, zero accidents.
The high valued discounts is waiting for you about the through trains.

Trip glancing

Going Journey: Lijiang - Shangri-La

Bus departs from the assigned location at 07:00, the bus will stop at Tiger Leaping Gorge for 90 minutes, self-meal time 60 minutes, the whole journey is 390 minutes, the bus arrives at Shangri-La time around 14:30 .


Going Journey: Lijiang - Shangri-La

At 15:30 (would stop at Tiger Leaping Gorge), the whole journey takes 240 minutes and the bus arrives at Dayan Ancient City Flower Lane in Lijiang at 19:30.

Recommended scenery

The Waterwheel is the symbol of Lijiang Ancient City and has become the landmark of Lijiang Ancient City. It is a place where tourists in Lijiang must take photos.

1. Waterwheel in Lijiang Ancient City

Lijiang Ancient City

Shuhe Ancient Town, also called “Shaowu”in Naxi language, means “the village under the high peaks”, because the shape of the mountain that behind the village is like a piled peak. It is one of the earliest settlements of the Naxi ancestors in Lijiang dam, is also an important market town that well preserved on the ancient Tea Horse Road.

2. Shuhe Ancient Town

Shangri-La Ancient City

1. Shangri-La Ancient City Tortoise Mountain Park

At the end of Shangri-La  Dukezong Ancient City is Moonlight Square,and the famous Shangri-La Tortoise Mountain Park is located on the east side of the square.The park consists of: Prayer wheel, Big Buddha Temple (Chaoyang Building), Han Temple, Red Army Long March Museum and Diqing History Museum.

Special instructions (please read in detail)

Special note:

        1.To ensure normal travel, please be sure to fill in the real name, mobile phone number, ID card information and other information when booking.

        2.The car is for one person one seat. It is strictly forbidden to overtake. Infants and children (please fill in the ID number on the account book if without ID card) also have to book the seat. Please understand and cooperate. If you do not book the seat according to the regulations, you will be responsible for the loss. 

Cost includes:

Car: For full round trip

Cost does not include:

1. Round-trip transportation (aircraft, train, high-speed rail)
2. All personal consumption in the scenic spots that not covered by the itinerary
3. The trip that not mentioned in the Cost Includes
4. Excluding the sightseeing car in the scenic spot and the booked tickets and accommodation, please at your own expenses.

Refund & Exchange ticket instructions:

1. Cancellation before 12:00 (inclusive) 1 day before the date of use, no loss fee will be charged;
2. Apply for cancellation after 12:00 (inclusive) 1 day before the date of use, will charge 100% loss fee;
3. If you need to reschedule, please apply for cancellation and re-book.
(For example: If the use date is 15th, March , and the cancellation fee is not charged before 12:00 on March 4; 100% loss will be charged after 12:00 on March 14)


After the reservation is successful, with the ID card, contact the telephone department for consumption, without receiving a physical ticket.

Booking Notes:

1. In order to avoid overcrowding, please book in advance. Due to the high altitude in the plateau area, the elderly over the age of 80 need to provide a medical certificate of the first-class hospital.
2. If you choose to purchase tickets offline, you can use your ID card to purchase tickets at the offline ticketing points near your location. Please use your ticket to get on the car (paper ticket or e-ticket), please prepare your personal ID card (or prepare your Household Register without ID card).

Single price:

Lijiang - Shangri-La (one way): 78 yuan
Shangri-La - Lijiang (one way): 78 yuan
Round trip: 118 yuan

Lijiang-Shangri-La Scenic Area Express