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Xiangbala Shiluntan City 

In the purpose of promoting and displaying Tibetan culture, with the aim of showing the harmonious and beautiful "Xiangbala" pure land and creating the world's cultural experience of Xiangbala, the Xiangbala Shiluntan City Cultural Expo Center began construction in 2005, after more than a decade of efforts, an 4-acre land area with a total construction area of 25,131 square meter and a consumption of nearly 600 million RMB, the Cultural Expo Center was basically completed in July 2015 opened to the outside world.

In the second year of Sakyamuni's founding of the Buddha, at the request of the Shambhala King, the first king of the Shambhala, the King of the Moon, was taught the Kalachakra Dafa. The Emperor of the Moon and the Virtue remembered the Dafa in the heart and used the words of Shambhala to record the Fa, and later was promoted and passed down in the Shambhala dynasties.

Shambhala is an ideal kingdom depicted in the Buddhist scriptures. Shangri-La is the legendary Shambhala, and the Shilun KingKong is the only deity of Shambhala, And this is the reason why we are here to worship the KingKong.

The hour wheel represents the wheel of time, representing omniscience, being with all time, knowing the past, present and future. The Dafa is one of the main practices and deities of Tibetan Buddhism. The hourly wheel method has its own unique theoretical insights and methods of practice. As one of the five deities of the secret, the Kalachakra is a deity that integrates the universe, the celestial body, the calendar, the human body, and the medicine. The other deities are relative to one aspect. The image of Kalachakra is like a million images, but the most recorded in the sutra is the four-headed and twelve-armed double statue, which represents the Buddhist practice of the Tantric Buddhism, "Yin and Yang double repair" and "sorrow and wisdom", embracing the Buddha's mother. Two hands holding a diamond and a bell, indicating method and wisdom.

Shilun Kingkong Buddha is worshiped in the Shambhala Shilun Mandala, the upper body is blue, representing air. The lower right leg is red, representing blood. The lower left leg is white, representing essence, and the air, blood and essence are the most important substances in the human body. Without this, without life. The heads of the four colors represent the four elements of wind, fire, soil and water. The front black represents wind, that is, air, the right red represents fire, the back yellow represents soil, and the left white represents water. These four elements represent the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The Kingkong Buddha has twelve arms, representing twelve months a year; twenty-four hands, representing twenty-four solar terms of the year. The twenty-four hands, and five fingers per hand, one finger with three sections, a total of three hundred and sixty-six sections, representing three hundred and sixty days a year. The two legs represent the two regression lines of the South and the North.

The KingKong Buddha, was the largest and most magnificent double-body Buddha statue in the entire Tibetan area. The Buddha statue is 21 meters high and weighs 20 tons. The face of the Buddha statue is gold-plated, and the rest of the place is made of gold-sticking technology. The base is filled with books, gold and silver jewels, medicinal materials, the holy things, satin, daily necessities and other items. The Buddha statue has a great value with the blessing of Panchen Masters. Therefore, it is highly respected and worshiped by Tibetans.

The Wenbo Building, the main building of the Cultural Expo Center, is 11 stories high and is built in traditional Tibetan style. The first and second floors of Wenbo Building are national commodity and jewellery display trade zones. The commercial and trade zone covers an area of 7600 square meters. The third to eleventh floors are the research and exhibition area of the Tibetan Culture Museum. The total area of the Museum is 9,500 square meters with 28 exhibition halls. It is a multi-functional service center integrating trade, cultural relics display, tourism and leisure, education and scientific research.

The Cultural Expo Center, which integrates pilgrimage, relics research and preservation, fine display exhibitions, cultural propaganda and education, etc., focuses on the display of Shilun Mandala, Shilun King Kong, Thangka, Tibetan Medicine "Four Medical Classics", and Tibetan ancient weapons, costumes, and many other sculptures of Buddhas and gods. Among them, Shilun Mandala passed Guinness attestation and was named the world's largest indoor Mandala on March 12, 2015. On May 28th, the 11th Panchen Lama named it as “Xiangbala Shilun Mandala”. On June 21, 2015, 1699 pieces of Donka were displayed, which was the largest number of single display in Guinness.

Shambhala Shilun Mandala Culture Expo Center is located in the downtown area of Shangri-La, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It is an important platform for understanding and feeling Tibetan culture, and also an important window to help the world understand Tibetan areas and love Tibetan areas.

The Shilun Buddhism was introduced to Tibet in the eleventh century AD, and was greatly promoted and regulated in the period of Master Burton. Later, Master Zongkaba inherited and passed on the position to Kechujie, that is, Panchen I. After the deep practice of Kechujie, he wrote the explanation of the Shilun King Kong. Then the authority postion of the Panchen Lama has been prominent. Therefore, the Panchen Lama of the past generations were regarded by the Tibetan people as the reincarnation of the King of Shambhala.

 Maximum 3D - Shilun King Kong Mandala

Shambhala is a transliteration in Tibetan language, folk interpretation as "Shangri-La", which means "polar paradise". It is an ideal kingdom depicted in Buddhist classics and the birthplace of Buddhism. In the second year of Sakyamuni's Buddhahood, he passed the Shilun Secret Law to the first king of the Shambhala Dynasty. Then he began to build the Shilun Mandala in Shambhala. The 25 generations of the kings all promoted the Secret Law, making the whole kingdom developed well under the protection of the Shilun Mandala.

Shilun Mandala

 Auspicious Shilun King Kong Buddha