Diqing: A beautiful place hidden in the deep mountains of the plateau!

Created date: 2020/07/16

The pace of exploration measures every beautiful scenery that he yearns for, and the looking figure looks for the last pure land on the planet.

In the isolated world of paradise, every glance is a painting from deep memory, as if every step taken is a reincarnation.

In Shangri-La in the world, you can feel the majestic Tiger Leaping Gorge, wander through Pudacuo, where flowers are blooming, and the forest is deep and reckless, you can sit and watch the sunlit Meili Snow Mountain, and you can listen to the rhythm of the clouds on the Bala to awaken Balagezong. ......Exploring the secrets and finding the purest place in the plateau and deep mountains is what I want.

In the early morning, drink a cup of warm stomach butter tea in Weixi County, accompanied by local homemade joe cakes. The scenery is beautiful on the way, the fields on both sides are full of golden rapeseed flowers, the flower fields are interspersed with small buildings, and the barley stands are like beautiful musical notes on this piece of land, sprawling with strange beauty.

Weixi County is about 2,200 meters above sea level. Due to the vertical climate and three-dimensional ecological environment along the way, the unique wild walnut trees in the ecological forest of Weixi County have been created.

On the broad meadow, a glance of greenery, bursts of fragrance of flowers, enveloping the pages of a book of life, opening and closing are warm and lush.

I saw plumes of cooking smoke, following the lingering direction of the cooking smoke, when passing by the locals' homes, he kindly invited us to enjoy a delicious lunch at home. We followed the local man into the courtyard.