How can you resist the season of wild mushrooms ——Come to Shangri-La and taste delicious

Created date: 2020/07/30

Due to its unique topography, soil structure, good vegetation and other natural conditions, Shangri-La in Diqing has nurtured abundant resources of wild bacteria. For the people of Diqing, in this season of prosperity, picking up and eating fungus is a kind of enjoyment. Those wild fungi in the forest and under the soil are growing outside...

at the moment,

The season for Shangri-La to pick up matsutake has arrived,

Can you resist the deliciousness?

I have to wait another year if I miss it...

Diqing's protection of the plateau forest ecological environment is in place, so the matsutake that grows here: the mushroom body is large, the meat is delicate, the fragrance is rich, the taste is smooth, and it is flexible. It can even be eaten raw after cleaning. The ultimate scent of bacteria permeates every corner of the mouth, which is a veritable delicious carnival.

Go to a local Tibetan home in Diqing and taste the fresh roasted matsutake that is the most delicious, and drink butter tea...

In this fungus-eating season, we invite you to come to Diqing for a delicious taste.