Shangri-La in summer hides all the beauty in the world. (b)

Created date: 2020/07/29

「  This summer, you should also visit Shangri-La.

     Shangri-La in summer is the ideal garden of Eden for many people, hiding many beautiful things in the world.  」

Potatso National Park

Potatso in Tibetan means to take across sentient beings universally and the ship that reaches the opposite coast. As the name suggests, this is a sacred and beautiful place.

Potatso National Park-Bita Sea

Here is a paradise for photography lovers, beautiful scenery, every photo you take is a beautiful wallpaper.

Potatso National Park-Bita Sea

Entering here, alpine meadows, lakes, wetlands, forests and pastures, as well as mountains full of wildflowers, groups of animals, will become the most charming scenery in your eyes.

Potatso National Park

Dukezong Ancient City

It used to be a small town on the ancient tea-horse road. The ancient stone street, the wooden houses one after another, and the largest prayer wheel in the world are all its most beautiful scenery.

Potatso National Park-Bita Sea

However, a fire a few years ago turned hundreds of historical buildings to ashes, and two-thirds of the ancient city was destroyed by the fire.

Potatso National Park-Bita Sea

Now, the whole ancient city seems a lot quieter, you can feel this beauty to your heart's content.

Potatso National Park-Bita Sea

The scenery along the way is also beautiful

Blossoms of flowers, accompanied by the cold wind, are the most beautiful scenery for girls in summer time.

Here, the clear lake, there are wild flowers of different colors everywhere, and the scenery at every glance is as beautiful as a paradise on earth.

Niru tourism attraction

Niru Village, surrounded by mountains and densely vegetated, has different geological features such as high mountains and valleys, glacier and snow peak, plateau and wetland, forest and marshy grassland, glacier erosion lake etc. 

Niru Village

In this midsummer, come here for a walk, the picturesque beauty will definitely make you forget the way back.