Shangri-La in summer hides all the beauty in the world. (a)

Created date: 2020/07/23

This summer, you should also visit Shangri-La.

Shangri-La in summer is the Garden of Eden in many people's dreams, hiding all the beauty in the world.

Pudacuo National Park

Here, along the big rivers and streams, through the fields and flowers, stepping on the floating clouds and snow-capped mountains, you can see the beautiful sea and the leisurely cattle and sheep in the distance.

You can say hello to the beautiful Yunnan golden monkey in the forest.

Make good wishes under the Meili Snow Mountain.

Meili Snow Mountain

Have a comfortable and beautiful dream on the lakeside grassland of Shudu Lake.

Potatso National Park - Shudu Lake

You can also look up at the outline of Meili Snow Mountain under the stars in the middle of the night.

After walking around, you will find that sometimes, to fall in love with a place, it really only takes a glance to be enough!